TEMP FIX | Graphics are flickering

We've confirmed the latest updates to High Sierra are causing graphical issues with integrated GPUs (like the Intel Iris chip).

We have a temporary fix for those playing on Steam only. Once we have a more thoroughly tested and solid patch, we will update the game on all platforms. We appreciate your patience!

On Steam: There is now a public beta branch of Firewatch named "macbeta." To enable this: right click on the game, go to Properties. In the betas tab, switch the drop down from "None" to "macbeta." There will be an ~1.2 GB patch applied that uses Apple's metal renderer.

You may see graphical issues such as full screen errors on startup or shimmering pixels on the ground occasionally (again, we're continuing to tinker and test to find the best solution possible) but the game should be fully playable!

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    Just wanted to say THANKS as this "macbeta" update worked really well for me!

    I'm temporarily stuck with my wife's MacBook Pro 13 2017 with touch bar, which has an Intel Iris 650, and now the game is running very smoothly at medium and even high graphics settings (I keep it on medium just for the extra frames), full screen and vsync on at 1280x800 res to keep it native and crisp as the screen is 2560x1600. I just started the game and will gladly provide feedback if I encounter any issues.

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    Mark Hufstetler

    Thanks for your efforts!  Until High Sierra arrived, Firewatch actually ran really smoothly on the latest 13-inch MacBook Pros.

    I assume this means, though, that Firewatch will no longer run at all on Macs that don't support Metal?  If so, be sure to warn those folks not to upgrade.

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    Hi Mark! The beta branch is just a temporary fix, as we're still working on a more stable solution that will work for all Mac users experiencing this issue. We pushed the temp fix live so at least some of those affected could get back in the game in the meantime.

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