I have control issues!

Supported Controllers

  • Steam Controller
  • DualShock 4
  • XBox 360 Controller via the Tattiebogle driver
  • Mouse and Keyboard

 Please note we do not support the Mac Nimbus Steel Series at this time.


Quick Fixes

Many controller issues can be resolved by making sure your drivers are up to date.

Please also note that when using a mouse and keyboard, Firewatch uses the WASD keys to move around, not the arrow keys.


My game makes me look straight up and spin around in circles?

Are you using a DualShock4? If so, you will need to quit Firewatch, and install Input Mapper to make the controller look like a 360 Controller to your computer.

After getting Input Mapper working, restart Firewatch and go to Settings -> Controls and then select DualShock4 from the drop down menu.

If you aren’t using a Dual Shock 4, you are probably using an unsupported controller.

It may be necessary to restart the game after unplugging any controllers.

My Steam controller isn't working!

We've received a small handful of reports of folks being unable to use their Steam Controllers after purchasing a non-steam version of Firewatch (either through the Mac App store, or GoG). At this time we don't have full Steam Controller support without the steam Big Picture overlay.
You are able to launch your non-Steam version of Firewatch through the Big Picture overlay. It will require a few steps.

1. Make a Steam account, if you don't have one already

2. Add your non-Steam version of Firewatch to Steam

3. Launch Firewatch through Big Picture mode

Once you have launched Firewatch you should have full Steam Controller support. If you are unhappy with the default layout of the controller, you can download different profiles.

 This webpage has more information for your reference:


Can I not run command-tab out of full screen?

Unfortunately at this time we only function by capturing the full display as there were rendering issues specific to OSX without this. Unity, Firewatch's game engine, doesn't not currently have functionality for a full-screen Command-Tab on a Mac.

Currently, you can Command-F to switch into Windowed Mode, allowing you to switch and interact with other applications.

None of the above worked for me!
If you are still experiencing controller issues after updating your drivers, make sure there are no other controllers plugged in or Virtual Joystick Emulators installed.
We have also added an option to "Ignore all other Inputs".  This will help if you have a lot of peripherals that you do not wish to unplug.  
      Go to Settings -> Controls, you should see a checkbox labeled Ignore Other Input Devices.
If you check that box, it should make the game only listen to the Mouse and Keyboard.
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  • 1
    Marcus Zanona

    I have a DualShock 3 and a SteelSeries Nimbus controller.

    However, I have noticed I can customise the keys on Steam app remapping it as if they were a Steam Controller under Settings > Controller > Add/Test, although the changes I perform there are not being reflected in game?

    What is your advice for adjusting controllers that are not supported by Firewatch, even though many other games on steam will recognise these controllers without any problem or external configuration required?

    Edited by Marcus Zanona
  • 0
    Adam Prenger

    I am having the same exact issue with my DualShock 3.

  • 0
    Chris Treadway

    Please add support for the Nimbus in the App Store Firewatch.

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