How do I change the FOV in Firewatch?

Open up the registry editor by typing regedit.exe into your Windows search bar.

Navigate your registry to the following key
    • Software
      • CampoSanto
        • Firewatch
          • fovAdjust_h2041137991

Right click on fovAdjust_h2041137991 and choose Modify. Set the base to be Decimal.

Our default FOV is 55. Set the value to be 100 times the amount you want to adjust the FOV by. For example, if you wanted the FOV to be 90 you need to increase the FOV by 35. So the value of fovAdjust_h2041137991 should be 3500 (35 * 100).

If you wanted the FOV to be 45, you would be removing 10, so set the value to be -1000.

Please note that the FOV can only be adjusted while Firewatch is not running.

You might also be interested in an active Steam FOV Thread where people have been posting screenshots and offering guidance.


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