[TEMP FIX] FPS Drops And/Or Crashing

We've received a few reports of players experiencing FPS drops when they examine objects. Some players are also seeing the game hang or crash when loading the next day.

[March 12] We're investigating both of these issues now and we're hoping to have a fix by the end of the week. In the meantime, we would suggest changing your Vsync settings in Settings > Graphics.

[March 14] Steam players can play our current test build which appears to resolve these issues, by right-clicking the game in their library and navigating to Properties > Betas > public_test.

We appreciate your patience!

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    Amanda W

    I started playing on Mar 21, 2018. I'd been having issues with the game freezing for several seconds while playing, and also the game freezing/crashing when the day changed. My computer is capable of running the game. I updated my drivers and that didn't fix it.

    Following the suggestions here, I turned off Vsync and opted in to the public_test beta. The game ran perfectly after that, I finished it after making those two changes, and played through a second time with no issues. But I don't know what fixed it, the Vsync or the beta, since I did both at the same time.

    PS- Great game!

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